iNVEZZ Contributing Author Program

We believe that the more thoughts, opinions and research on topics pertinent to retail investors we have on iNVEZZ the better. The Contributing Author program gives a platform for every member of the iNVEZZ community to put forward opinions, expertise and research on any investment related topics.
The role of iNVEZZ is to provide a platform for retail investors to research investments and share knowledge and experience which will contribute to the research and decision making process of other investors.

Whether you are an individual investor with an opinion and thoughts to share on the investment areas that interest you, a blogger, an expert, professional or a company, we want to publish your articles so that other iNVEZZ users can benefit from your insights.

Submit your content contribution to win £1,000!

To participate in the Invezz Contributions Contest and be eligible to win the £1000 prize, you need to submit a content contribution piece containing unique content and meeting the following requirements:

1. The article length should be at least 500 words

2. The article topic should fall under one of the iNVEZZ categories listed in the main menu

3. The article must be approved by an iNVEZZ editor

4. Prior to submitting an article, you need to create a valid iNVEZZ user account

5. The title should contain the word ‘Contest’ at the end. This will help us recognize your contest submission as such and will be stripped from the title before the article goes live.

As long as the above requirements are met and a minimum of 40 article entries have been received altogether, the winner will be announced by email on 11.03.2014 after being selected on a random basis. The competition is only open to private individuals. Entries from business entities, or those representing them, will not be included in the competition..

Become a content contributor

Why contribute?

If contributing to the valuable resource of thoughts and opinions on different investment topics available to the iNVEZZ community isn’t enough motivation to submit an article or several here are some added bonuses.

Links: You have the right to two follow-through links in each article you contribute which can lead to any website/page of your choosing, in accordance with the general terms and conditions.

Your author’s profile, present on every article you contribute, also contains a link to a website of your choice.



Each contributing author may upload a click-through banner which is present on every article contributed as well as on the author profile.

Build a following

Each reader of your article(s) may choose to ‘follow’, you as an author and will receive notification on any subsequent articles you post. If you keep your contributions interesting and valuable you could build quite a following with time.


Who can contribute?

As long as you are a registered iNVEZZ member you can write and submit articles. Just go to the ‘Account’, button in the main menu whilst logged in and select ‘Contributed Articles’.


Are there any requirements/restrictions on what I can write about?

In terms of topics, as long as it is connected to the financial markets and investment, you can write about anything that interests you. Your article can be as long or short as you feel is necessary to cover the subject matter.

Choose tags which best describe the subject matter of your articles as users ‘following’, those tags will receive an automatic notification of your article. If you would like to add a tag not currently available just leave a note to our editors.

The only real restriction is that your article should not be advertorial. We will not publish articles which overtly promote any particular product, service, company or consultant. Writing educational, interesting and balanced pieces on topics on which you have expertise is the best way for any company to promote itself to the iNVEZZ readership.

Articles must be original. We will generally not publish articles which have been published elsewhere online. If you have material which has been published elsewhere but you believe you have a strong case as to why there is particular value to iNVEZZ users our editors may relax this rule on a case-by-case basis. On submission of your article leave a note to the editor asking for an exception to the originality rule.


While every article submitted and approved by our editors will be indexed by Google Search and Google News, which guarantees a certain level of traffic, the more iNVEZZ readers recommend the more exposure your article will receive on iNVEZZ. Contributed articles with the most ‘recommends’, as well as social media shares, will feature in the ‘Top Contributed’, selection. So the more interesting and valuable iNVEZZ readers find your article the more readers it will get.

Become a content contributor

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