Upcoming ICO: Interview with MiniApps.pro founder Vitaly Gumirov

MiniApps.pro want to bridge the gap between small businesses and the corporate world. Bringing AI and neural networks to your local greengrocer and barbershop

Upcoming ICO: Interview with MiniApps.pro founder Vitaly Gumirov

Vitaly Gumirov is the founder of MiniApps.pro. He has been in the software industry for over 25 years, working with mobile telecom companies, banks and logistic companies all over the world. Vitaly has a Master’s degree in Mathematical Logic and owns over 30 patents, primarily in the digital and telecoms fields.

Can you explain the gap you mean between small businesses and the corporate world or hi-tech companies?

Everybody is talking about hi-tech - artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks, mobile apps, chatbots, conversational UX and blockchains. This kind of technology is readily available and within grasp of large hi-tech companies or big corporations.

The problem is that there is a huge gap between those types of companies and SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Everyone has heard about banks or large airline companies experimenting with AI chatbots for customer service. Imagine your local barbershop using AI chatbots for customer care.

MiniApps ICO

What's stopping my barber getting this technology then?

The problem is the huge gap in resources, skills and knowledge between SMEs and massive corporations. Small businesses simply cannot afford to have AI, chatbots, apps, blockchains etc. It's too expensive, they don't know how to manage it, it's simply that they cannot afford to have it.

And then when you think about the tech companies developing that kind of technology. They cannot justify building solutions for the SME market when they can't afford the technology in the first place and, frankly, the bigger fish are easier to catch and will pay.

And this is where MiniApps.pro comes in?

Exactly, MiniApps.pro has been built to bridge this gap. Our new technology and business model is based on blockchains and makes AI, neural nets and other out of reach technology available to more than 300 SMEs around the world.

MiniApps is a new generation chatbot and marketplace where a community of developers can create chatbot templates using API, AI, neural nets, machine learning etc.

How does this help the SMEs?

With these templates, it is then very easy for sales partners to use a Visual Builder to stick together these templates like Lego bricks. This then creates chatbots that SMEs can use and have easy access to.

Moving forward, Tech companies can now focus on creating solutions for this huge market and enjoy cooperation with our partners on the community around the world. The MiniApp community already consists of over 5000 developer teams, based in various countries; Russia, Europe, Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Philippines, to name a few.

We want to put these developers in touch with the SME market to help scale their businesses and make them more efficient.

The Miniapps.pro token sale will last for two months, starting on the 18th of October 2017. They have already attracted $500,000 on investment in a private pre-sale in September. For more information about the project and the token generation event - http://tokens.miniapps.pro.

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