Disruptive innovation to create chatbot marketplace on the blockchain

Chatbots will be available to more than 300 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) worldwide. This means your local barber can access this technology

Disruptive innovation to create chatbot marketplace on the blockchain

Having launched its token sale this week, MiniApps.pro aims to the market leader in the development of world-wide chatbots. They will be a chatbot marketplace that combines AI, machine learning, blockchain, smart contracts and technology chatbots. By implementing the blockchain into its already robust platform, the MiniApps.pro suite of tools will be available to more than 300 million SMEs around the globe.

Blockchains are creating opportunities after opportunities and are essentially building networks of trust between users. Businesses need to adapt, and the launch of MiniApps.pro will facilitate this. Having access to this technology will improve marketplaces for SMEs and protect them from fraud and other criminal activities.

MiniApps.pro transactions will be completed on the Ethereum platform via smart contracts, all of which are saved in the immutable blockchain with payments made in MAT tokens. Any developer will have the ability to create chatbot templates that will be available through the MiniApps.pro marketplace to sales partners. These sales partners then work with SMEs and use those chatbot templates to create customised solutions for their clients.

MiniApps founder and CEO comments, "while there is a lot of noise surrounding neural networks, blockchain, chatbots and language processing, small businesses are actually underserved in terms of technology. SMEs often lack human resources, competences and money to enjoy technical advancements. MiniApps.pro has been made to bridge this gap between the hi-tech companies and the SMEs.

"We've got a robust working platform with a large pool of clients, thousands of developers already registered and a strong team of professionals that have been working together for over 10 years. The feedback we are receiving from the crypto community is very encouraging and we are proud that our Stable+ rating is above average."

The goal of the MiniApps.pro token sale, which launched on the 18th of October, is to obtain enough financial resources to reach at least 10% of the market. The MiniApps.pro MAT token provides a range of functionalities to those who hold it; allowing for partner authorisation, clients and developers to access specific items in the marketplace, administrative tools, messaging channels, bonus systems and partner referral programs.

Having sold $500,000 worth of tokens in a private pre-sale has given MiniApps.pro a Stable+ rating from the icorating agency, and should settle any nerves investors may have. MiniApps.pro currently serves over 10 million mobile users around the world and sends more than 1 billion messages monthly.

More information about the MiniApps.pro project can be found at www.miniapps.pro. Media contact: pr@miniapps.pro

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