Upcoming ICO: PureAir May Be the First ICO to Save Lives

Millions of people die each year due to pollutants and chemicals in the air, and Pure Air Industries wants to change that with its clean air unit.

Upcoming ICO: PureAir May Be the First ICO to Save Lives

Pure Air Industries isn't behind just any upcoming ICO. This startup says that its technology saves lives by ridding city air of pollution. They are launching the PureAir ICO this week and will accept ETH and BTC for its PureAir (AiRC) tokens. The majority of proceeds raised from both the crowdsale and the ICO pre-sale, the latter of which is unfolding now, will go toward production. 

Pure Air Industries is developing Pure Air Units that clean open air in cities, ridding the air of pollutants and chemicals that it says takes the lives of 7 million people each year. Their technology uses sensors to measure inlet and exhaust, which generates data. While the unit is running, it collects the data points and reports them to the blockchain. The idea behind recording the data on distributed ledger technology is to prove to governments, individuals or organizations that the data is authentic. This is particularly useful in countries such as China, where upcoming ICOs incidentally are banned and third-party data is typically not trusted, according to the company's white paper.

When holders of the company's digital tokens are near one of these units, they gain free access to Wi-Fi so that they can access these data sets in exchange for the tokens. Users of the PureAir tokens who access the Wi-Fi will be exposed to select advertising, which helps to pay for the internet access. In addition to raising funds through an upcoming ICO, Pure Air Industries is also launching a sponsorship program in which companies can pay for machines in exchange for certain rewards, including brand exposure and having a social impact.

Blockchain Dilemma   

For now, the Pure Air Industries platform will run on the Ethereum network, though they point to the possibility of moving to a more robust network if Ethereum "stagnates." This possibility isn't too farfetched, given the recent delays on the Ethereum network amid a popular digital kitten game. They suggest perhaps moving to the Tezos platform if it should become more robust, but that could cause them more problems than they bargained for considering the Tezos blockchain is stalled. 





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