Upcoming ICO: Satoshi Brewery Pours It on Thick

Northwest Russia is an emerging market for craft beer, and Satoshi Bewery is looking to capitalize on that. It's not very blockchain heavy, but its tokens are Ethereum based.

Upcoming ICO: Satoshi Brewery Pours It on Thick

It's taken a while, but craft beer has finally made its way to the blockchain. Satoshi Brewery is behind what it hopes will become the largest regional craft brewery in Russia's Northwest, and they're planning an upcoming ICO in which they will sell the SBL token to raise the funds they need to begin production. The SBL token is issued on the Ethereum blockchain via smart contracts.

While craft beer is part of the mainstream in the United States, it's still an emerging market in Russia with the exception of Moscow and St. Pertersburg, and Satoshi is looking to capitalize on that. The brewery is an industrial building located in Murmansk, Russia, and it's where the magic is supposed to happen.

They have a lot of work ahead of them and seemingly a great deal of capital to raise for equipment, etc. But in addition to the upcoming ICO, they've partnered with a company called Zip Technologies that appears to also be an investor in the project. ICO proceeds will be distributed across equipment purchase and repair, raw materials, starting production and marketing. Apparently Satoshi Brewery is a startup in the truest sense of the word. 

Satoshi Roadmap

Satoshi is targeting trendy men between the ages of 20 and 39 who earn an income of at least USD 800 each month with its craft beer. They are boasting margins in the 180% stratosphere, which is oddly ambitious. For some products, they are claiming margins of 300%. Satoshi plans to distribute its craft beer to restaurants (50%), independent liquor stores (40%) and supermarkets (10%). The Satoshi Brewery Plant is scheduled to go live in May 2018. 

They make concerning promises in their marketing material, including doubling the value of the SBL token in less than a year, though it's unclear what they are basing this on. In the white paper, they point to "partial capitalization of profits and an increase in the production volumes." They plan to generate enough cash flow to distribute quarterly dividends to investors. If all goes according to plan, dividend payments will begin next year at this time.

The Satoshi ICO pre-sale is unfolding currently, and so far they've drawn in 134 investors. The upcoming ICO that is open to the public launches on Dec. 12. 


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