Upcoming ICO: EcoToken presale starts today

A crowd funding platform that aims to help global ecological projects begins its private presale today.

Upcoming ICO: EcoToken presale starts today

The platform, named EcoStarter, will be built on blockchain technology, utilizing its advantages of transparency and secure transactions to help it support worldwide environmental initiatives.

During the presale period, investors will be able to buy the EcoToken with Ethereum and Bitcoin at a 40% discount.

Helping startups solve problems

The EcoStarter team says that the world is affected today more than ever with so many different environmental problems occurring. These include climate change, global warming, deforestation, air, land and water pollution. The peer-to-peer platform  will support these by providing a ‘trustable’ and ‘secure system’ for transactions with funds raised going to startups that are focused on solving environmental issues.

In its promotional clip on the website, EcoStarter says the plans of the EcoToken to be a reliable tool that will fund the build of factories for the purification of air and water.

The EcoStarter whitepaper says: “The main idea of the platform is to make eco-investments profitable and available for projects all over the world. Eco-starter really makes the world a better place by developing eco-investments necessary for successful eco projects.”

Participants choose a project they are interested in and invest their EcoToken through smart contracts, and from here, projects can be put into motion.


ECOtoken wants to achieve what other crowdfunding platforms have not been able to so far. This will result in greater transparency, will be open to the international market with its borderless structure, transactions will be safe and secure through the use of smart contracts, experienced team.

Each transaction made on the platform will be subject to a small commission, and therefore prompting a rise in value for the EcoToken and encouraging demand.

The presale cap is 15,000,000 ETS and the main ICO is scheduled to begin this summer, with no dates yet available. Tokens accepted are ETH and BTC with a minimum requirement of 0.01 ETH.

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