Upcoming ICO: Modex to launch world’s first blockchain-based app store

Modex plans to launch its ICO tomorrow, April 20, following the close of its private token sale which ended today. Branded as a ‘smart contract marketplace’, the Gibraltar-based IT company aims to create a platform which will facilitate an app ecosystem that houses smart contracts and cryptocurrencies alike.

Upcoming ICO: Modex to launch world’s first blockchain-based app store

"... speeding up blockchain adoption"

Once launched, the platform will allow people to quickly find suitable and reliable smart contracts and cryptocurrencies without having to go through the hassle of scouting developers and managing one-off development projects, the website claims. It aims to create a one-stop-shop for those in need of blockchain-based programs and applications and, in the process, Modex hopes to ‘speed up blockchain adoption’.

MDX token

Modex’s MDX token will serve as the native currency for the smart contract ecosystem. Indeed, all services and features within the platform will, to begin with, be paid for and remunerated in MDX, exclusively. However, in future, the team aims to introduce solutions to enable easy convertibility.

The MDX token will enable the following:

  • Pay platform fees
  • Pay platform service fees
  • Pay product fees
  • Make smart contract purchases
  • Gain access to a complete suite of API’s for decentralised transactions.
  • Oracle services and validation of smart contracts

For developers

Modex won’t only for those looking to procure blockchain-based services. It could also prove to be a game changer for developers. Indeed, developers will soon be able to quickly and easily monetize their skills and their services.

The slick-looking platform gives them a golden opportunity to sell their services to millions of people, while gaining valuable recognition and improving their blockchain skillset. This is thanks to peer reviews and security audits.

See below for a preview of what the developer user interface will look like:

For developers 2

For developers 1

For businesses

As mentioned, Modex could prove indispensable to companies who are looking to streamline their business by employing blockchain technology to elevate themselves above their peers and competitors.

They will be able to find tried and tested smart contracts for a variety of use cases to suit their every need. And the team claims the process of testing, customizing, purchasing, and deploying will be successfully completed in a matter minutes, not months.

Companies will allegedly be able to go to market faster while reducing risk, hassle, and upfront investment.

See below for a preview of what the business user interface will look like:

Modex for businesses 1

Modex for businesses 2

Key attributes

  • Solidity plugins and tools that make it easier to write and debug smart contracts
  • Easy access to key open source libraries and tools
  • Deployment tools for both public and private blockchains
  • Private blockchain provisioning, exploration and security solutions
  • Logging and monitoring

ICO details

SYMBOL:                                                              MDX

START DATE:                                                      19 April

END DATE:                                                          28 April

TOKENS FOR SALE (PRE-SALE):                    888,888 MDX

TOKENS FOR SALE (PUBLIC ICO):                8,888,888 MDX

TOTAL TOKENS FOR SALE:                             111,887,997 MDX


For more information, please refer to the Modex whitepaper which can be found here

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