Upcoming ICO: eCoinomic to launch ICO

eCoinomic will launch its ICO on May 1, following a very successful pre-sale. The Estonia-based blockchain startup managed to raise over $4.7 million during the first round of fund raising.

Upcoming ICO: eCoinomic to launch ICO

eCoinomic.net sold 94,780,255 CNC tokens and distibuted 20,851,656 bonus tokens. The public round of the ICO will last for one month.

However, the website states the ‘Crowdsale development stage’ will close when the $6 million soft cap is reached so chances are the public round won’t last long if $4.7 million has already been raised.

25,219,745 CNC tokens remain left for Сrowdsale development stage. eCoinomic plans to reach the Soft Cap of $6 million by May 31.

The Hard Cap of $106 million will be assigned to the Reserve stage, starting June 1.

What is eCoinomic?

eCoinomic is a financial services platform based on crypto assets. It provides its users with the functionalities of lending, exchange, transfer, financial management and integrates with online payment services and systems.


Secured and unsecured loans based

on fiat money and cryptocurrencies 


Long-term and short-term investments

in cryptocurrencies and fiat money


Mechanism of hedging the exchange

rate risks for crypto assets

Crypto exchange

Including the function of managing collateral assets

Crypto payments

Payment agent with virtual cards issuance.

Integration with the largest trading

platforms (such as eBay and Amazon)

How it works

eCoinomic how it works


eCoinomic team 1

eCoinomic team 2

White paper can be found here

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