Racoin accepted as payment in, RA Entertainment Inc casinos by June 2018

RAcoin wants to bring trust back to the casino industry. Bringing transparency, security and privacy to the casino world is no easy feat but RAcoin intends to do so with blockchain.

Racoin accepted as payment in, RA Entertainment Inc casinos by June 2018

RAcoin is bringing transparency, privacy and security into the world of casinos; both online and offline. Blockchain technology can enable weaknesses in the current casino industry.

RAcoin’s main goal is to make blockchain a crucial part of the traditional casino and betting industry, reaching a maximum audience and distributing RAcoin as a properly featured gambling cryptocurrency.


Connecting blockchain with the offline world

This gambling token unlike others, provides offline benefits, including paying for casino chips and tokens (with bonus discounts); while also offering transparency and anonymity. The revolutionary token that was created by RA Entertainment Inc has the ability to make digital money progress even further.

Their online mission is for RAcoin to become a universal payment tool for online gambling. This would enable existing platforms to incorporate RAcoin payment along with traditional payment methods. The ICO has launched their Ethereum ERC20 smart contract powered utility token which has been created to meet the needs of both traditional and virtual gambling infrastructure.

The unique token can bring the transparency and fairness that the industry needs, currently gamers can’t be completely confident that the online or offline casinos have algorithms that are functioning efficiently, blockchain technology can increase security and fairness in the industry; which is a service that’s well needed. To top it off they also claim to offer significantly lower fees for money withdrawal than competitors.

Starting in paradise



RAcoin is going to be first introduced at “Palau world”, the luxury hotel and casino, which is due to start building at the end of 2018. The Island that sits hidden in the Pacific Ocean will be the perfect home for the deluxe hotel and casino, as well as the launch of RAcoin.


The RAcoin team are also working on more partnerships, with the aim of at least ten casinos and hotels accepting RAcoin as payment by the end of 2019. They already have plans to unite with two leading European gambling and betting platforms in June 2018 and have secured agreements with the partners

Token sale

The presale began on March 26th 2018, raising their 10 Million USD hard cap in just two days. The ICO started on April 29th 2018 and ends May 29th 2018, the hard cap for this stage will be 5,000,000,000 RAC. There is also a token sale jackpot which all participants taking part in their token sale will automatically be included in, as well as their being a discount program for extra loyal participants.

More information

To find out more about RAcoin and its’ token sale, head to their website here, where they have a pop-up chat if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Alternatively email the company at: mailto:support@racoin.io


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