Upcoming ICO: Blockchain-based stock photography marketplace Wemark to launch ICO

Tel Aviv-based Wemark is preparing to launch an ICO on May 7. The token sale will conclude on May 21. The token is called WMK, there are 135,000,000 in total and the hard cap for the ICO is $8 million.

Upcoming ICO: Blockchain-based stock photography marketplace Wemark to launch ICO

What is Wemark?

Starting with photos, Wemark is building a blockchain-based marketplace for digital content. The $4B stock photography market is currently controlled by Shutterstock and Getty Images which take up to 85% of what creators earn.

With Wemark, creators license their content directly to customers over the blockchain. They keep much more of their revenue and rights to their content, while customers get access to better photos at better prices. Wemark has a working alpha with thousands of photographers who signed up and submitted over 40,000 photos.

Wemark is backed by some of the top VCs from Silicon Valley, New York and Israel, with over $1 million in equity funding.

Meet the Wemark team

Wemark founders

What Wemark says

“Wemark is a distributed marketplace for digital content, starting with photos. Our platform uses blockchain technology to allow real peer-to-peer transactions between creators and users - ensuring security, authenticity and most of all, transparency.

“Transforming the way creators distribute their content and how they get paid for it,

“Wemark's mission is to allow for the distributed exchange of digital content, worldwide.

“Wemark is backed by leading global investors, and its advisory board includes some of the biggest names in stock photography, blockchain technology and online marketplaces.”

ICO details

Wemark ICO

For more info, please refer to Wemark’s whitepaper

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