Upcoming ICO: Delicia to launch decentralized food network via ICO

Estonia-based Delicia hopes to revolutionize the way the world buys, sells, and consumes food using blockchain technology.

Upcoming ICO: Delicia to launch decentralized food network via ICO

Delicia is launching an ICO in support of the innovative project on May 10, during which the team hopes to raise as much as $33 million (£24.4 million). By creating a decentralized food network with its very own native cryptocurrency, Delicia aims to maximize food utilization while significantly reducing waste. Please see below for full token sale details.

ICO details

Delicia crowd sale ICO

What Delicia says


"The Delicia team is creating a universal decentralized food network powered by Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

This will revolutionize the way restaurateurs and food retailers maximize food utilization and reduce wastage.

Delicia will help in locating affordable quality food for consumers worldwide that is specific to their own geo-location and preferences.

It offers real-time search for excess food at restaurants, grocery & packaged food stores and helps route them to buyers at discounted price.

The system provides ongoing trust and reputation accrual for sellers and buyers.

Efforts are underway to tokenize Delicia ecosystem with the Ethereum based blockchain technology with a multi-purpose utility token, DFT with the end result being elimination of the Global Food wastage crisis."


Meet the team

Delicia team 1

Delicia team 2

For more information re the ICO and Delicia’s platform and token, please refer to Delicia’s whitepaper

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