ICO News: SharesPost secures SEC approved ICOs

SharesPost has gotten the elusive SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) go-ahead for their ICO models, they announced on Monday via Twitter.

ICO News: SharesPost secures SEC approved ICOs

SEC Regulatory Approved ICO’s Secured By SharesPost https://t.co/xIXykg3X9E pic.twitter.com/zP2g2gUxqu

— SharesPost (@sharespost) 15 May 2018

SEC approved

The company has basically gained SEC approval to conduct ICOs on behalf of other entities. SharesPost is far from the first firm to offer these kinds of services. 

A landmark announcement

However, this is something of a landmark announcement because the SEC has been clamping down on ICOs in the last few months. 

Many have been issued with cease and desist orders or in some cases founders have been charged with crimes. 

The most high profile was probably the Centra ICO which took place a couple of months back and was notably endorsed by retired boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

If a platform offers trading of digital assets that are securities and operates as an ‘exchange', the SEC said earlier this year, 'then the platform must register with the SEC as a national securities exchange or be exempt from registration'.

"This is a landmark moment for SharesPost"

John Wu, the newly-appointed CEO of SharesPost’s Digital Securities Group said, in a statement: “This is a landmark moment for SharesPost.”

“We saw a need from our investors to expand their portfolios by having the opportunity to participate in Initial Coin Offerings and trade tokenized securities. The ATS approval allows SharesPost to be one of the first companies to operate in this capacity.”

About SharesPost

SharesPost is an SEC-registered broker-dealer, investment advisor and an approved Alternative Trading System.

SharesPost helped launch the private tech growth market in 2009 and has built one of the leading platforms for secondary transactions and Initial Coin Offerings pursuant to Reg. D.

SharesPost provides the private tech asset category with a suite of trading and lending solutions to facilitate shareholder and option holder liquidity.

With over $4 billion in secondary market transactions for more than 200 leading technology companies, SharesPost provides the trading, research and online tools to transact in the private market with confidence.

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