Upcoming ICO: CZERO Mobility prepares for ICO

A new start up focussed on the adoption of electric vehicles ecosystem is launching its Initial Coin Offering on June 10th.

Upcoming ICO: CZERO Mobility prepares for ICO

Calling itself a ‘disruptive EV start up’ CZERO Mobility is keen to attract investors to help it achieve what it describes as an ‘economic yet powerful ecosystem’ and ‘clean energy in an efficient and economic way’.

According to some reports, both private and institutional investors have already registered an interest.

Concentrating on Indian and South East Asian markets, the company says there will be an increasingly larger presence of electric vehicles. It says that ‘every car sold in India will be powered by electricity by the year 2030’ (according to the energy minister) and that this change will ensure better air quality in the country too.

A blockchain solution

The premise of the platform is to embrace and help further develop the use of Electric Vehicles by addressing some of the issues that have prevented it from going mainstream. This includes the prohibitive cost of an EV, the limited life span of the LI-on batteries and the few charging points available.

As a solution, CZERO offers faster charging, battery swapping stations, wireless charging pods as well as carbon zero tokens. The devices are fitted with IOT chips which transmit details of power used and are recorded in the CZERO blockchain ERC20 network.  These coins can be spent by users for services or they can be exchanged for public tokens on the Ethereum network.  

ICO details

The pre-ICO has already started, offering an 80% discount for early adopters. The CZERO token can be acquired using ERC20 which can be swapped when the hard cap is reached or when the ICO is complete.

Coins can be purchased during pre ICO and ICO stages. Fiat currencies can be used including USD, GBP, AUD via PayPal. The pre-ICO has six stages, each lasting 15 days and the ICO will last for 30 days. Each stage has a different discount rate attached to it.

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