Upcoming ICO: World’s first blockchain-based fantasy sports app to launch ICO

MyDFS successfully launched the world’s first daily fantasy sports platform last year; it currently supports football, hockey, basketball, American football, and cricket.

Upcoming ICO: World’s first blockchain-based fantasy sports app to launch ICO

On May 21, the US-based firm will launch an ICO (initial coin offering) to further grow and develop its ‘already working’ product. The token sale will conclude on June 12. The hard cap is $40 million and $3 million has already been raised during the pre-sale. 

Please see below for ICO details

ICO details

MyDFS ICO details

How does it work?

MyDFS basically works like other fantasy sports platforms but boasts all the benefits that blockchain technology has to offer. It’s decentralized, has its own native currency (MyDFS), an is totally transparent.

Additionally, the system allow user to invest cryptocurrency in the successes of other players and their teams.

So, if fantasy football’s never been your strong suit, you still need not miss out on earning some paper!

With more traditional sports fantasy platforms, verification can take a long time and the user interfaces are often tricky to navigate with a steep learning curve. This can be off-putting to newcomers.

MyDFS aims to change all this with its easy, yet secure, blockchain-based verification process and easy-to-navigate app, which can be downloaded onto your phone, tablet, or desktop.

What MyDFS says

MyDFS is a blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports platform, that connects sports fans around the world in a transparent, easy-to-use manner.

By using smart contracts and blockchain technology we solve major industry issues. Our benefits are: - Full transparency instead of Proprietary Backend: blockchain and smart contracts make all transaction transparent and safe to the core.

  • Users can check all transaction history, in-game stats, other users’ teams and scoring rules at any time
  • Instant payments without Middlemen: money goes directly to the user’s account and is not held by bank
  • Player brokerage: users can invest in pro players and share the prize pool with them

MyDFS already supports soccer, hockey, basketball, football and cricket. The platform is fully ready for the biggest soccer event of 2018!

Meet the team

MyDFS advisors

MyDFS team 1

MyDFS team 2

For more info on the MyDFS project, please refer to the whitepaper

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