Upcoming ICO: Introducing Ubex; AI in advertising

Ubex, a self described ‘global advertising ecosystem’, will launch an ICO on May 21. The token sale is the first and only round as the company says it does not believe in giving anybody special privilege when it comes to the distribution of its tokens. Investors can purchase tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

Upcoming ICO: Introducing Ubex; AI in advertising

ICO details

Ubex ICO  

What Ubex says

Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange based on neural networks and operated by smart contracts.

OUR MISSION is to create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of mutual trust and maximum efficiency.

Using neural networks and accumulated data, the Ubex algorithm selects the most current advertising offers relevant for certain visitors, maximizing the probability of obtaining the desired results.

Moreover, the Ubex neural network evaluates the probability of targeted user actions.

By applying such an approach, the Ubex algorithm estimates the economic efficiency of displaying various advertising options to each particular user.

Thanks to the use of neural networks, the relevance of advertising displays is increased, along with predictability of advertising efficiency and the need to burn through budgets on trial and error approaches is reduced.

What Ubex says

For more info on Ubex, please refer to the whitepaper

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