Upcoming ICO: RightMesh ICO on the horizon

A crowdsale that claims to be the world’s first ad hoc mobile mesh networking platform will launch in nine days’ time.

Upcoming ICO:  RightMesh ICO on the horizon

RightMesh AG, a Swiss company, wants to close the gaps in mobile global connectivity by bringing together over a billion worldwide unconnected users, through its blockchain mesh technology, omitting the need for more infrastructure to support it.

The ICO is looking to raise a maximum of $30,000,000 and aims to be ‘cash positive in 2020’. The crowdsale will generate a finite supply of 129,498,559 RMESH tokens and following the sale there will be no further tokens available.

The contribution phase was delayed from late March so that it could provide the necessary information to the BCSC (British Columbia Securities Commission). It will now begin on May 30th and for the first 24 hours there will be a cap placed so that Whitelist contributors can take part. After this period, other ( pre-authorized) amounts will be accepted.

‘Connectivity’ – a human right says RightMesh

The company highlights there are 3.9 million people who are not currently connected via mobile networks thanks to expensive data, network interference, slow networks or mainly and no infrastructure. It believes that everyone on the planet has a ‘right to connectivity’.

A world first

Through its ‘world’s first’ mobile mesh networking platform using blockchain, it says that this is possible. The infrastructure is created by Android phones which the RightMesh software is integrated with. P2P, coupled with Wi-fi and Bluetooth creates the connectivity. 

ICO details

For those interested in the ICO there is a telegram channel available or you can register on the website to receive email notifications. Only ETH tokens can be used to participate and the hard cap for the sale is $30m USD. The minimum personal cap is 1000 USD.


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