DasCoin – Trust Totalised

Dascoin has been launched to address security concerns and trying to shift the power from the banks to the crypto structure

DasCoin – Trust Totalised

The cryptocurrency market is growing by leaps and bounds. However, many people are still sceptical about its reliability and bank-worthiness. That is why a new cryptocurrency is trying to shift the balance of favour towards the side of the crypto coin market.

DasCoin is an impressive new cryptocurrency which has recently been launched to address security concerns. The cryptocurrency is being called the Currency of Trust and will be available soon on multiple exchanges.

In this article, we will take a snapshot look at this brand new crypto coin and how it can potentially change the market.

What is DasCoin?

DasCoin is a cryptocurrency which has been launched in response to a growing demand for highly secure cryptocurrency investments. That is the main reason for why it is compliant with both KYC and AML standards.

The reason why the KYC or Know Your Customer was established was to ensure that all participants are verifiable. However, the system still retains its anonymity feature. This means that individuals, or more specifically transactions, can be verified to their source if they are unreliable. In addition to the KYC protocol, DasCoin also offers the AML or Anti-Money Laundering feature that is sure to be of significance.

According to one of the main people behind the coin Michael Mathias, DasCoin was created to provide security and legality. In a largely unregulated cryptocurrency market, this can be a real blessing and bring some much-needed standardisation.

Another aspect of DasCoin that is interesting is that it cannot be mined PoW style. Also, it works on the basis of a PoS or Proof of Stake Algorithm. Thus, the minting process consumes far less energy and is naturally more usable.

What are The Best Features of DasCoin?

As a cryptocurrency designed to deliver high-level security to investments, DasCoin offers a host of features. First among these is a fact that it is based on PoS. This means that increasing your DasCoin investment will be a result of direct purchases and then PoS minting.


The second significant aspect of DasCoin is that it rewards referrals. In other words, whenever you add value to the DasNet, the DasEcosystem acknowledges the addition. After the acknowledgement, your DasCoin wallet is credited with a given number of units.

The third but in no way, insignificant aspect of DasCoin is that it has actual people working behind it. Even the best cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has only a shady creator. However, by keeping the development process and all personnel behind it open, DasCoin makes significant strides towards reliability.

Some may argue that having a centralised authority behind a crypto coin dilutes the anonymity factor. However, we have seen how negative elements can use anonymity to fund their own nefarious activities. So, DasCoin is a step in the right direction and will lend the cryptocurrency market a lot of credibility.

Another tool they offer is their 'DasCoin Explorer', here you can see in real time the blocks being created.

When will DasCoin be Available on Public Exchanges and What Can It Be Used For?

DasCoin will be available on public exchanges by April 27 this year. Following this, DasPay will be released in June 2018 and will be accepted by 60 million users worldwide. Clearly, the future of this cryptocurrency seems very bright.

For more information, you can contact them here, read their whitepaper on their website or join their ecosystem with a NetLeaders license.

They also have a twitter hashtag that is growing by the day.


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