Upcoming ICO: Nuggets to launch ICO for innovative e-commerce platform

London-based Nuggets will on Thursday (May 31) launch its ICO in support of its innovative e-commerce platform that allows users to pay for goods and services online without forfeiting their personal data.

Upcoming ICO: Nuggets to launch ICO for innovative e-commerce platform

The Nugget tokens (NUG) will fuel this game changing e-commerce ecosystem and users will have the chance to purchase these tokens for just six days (the ICO concludes on June 6) using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and U.S. dollars (USD).

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Nugget ICO

About Nugget token

Nugget token

What Nuggets says

Take back control of your data Nuggets is an e-commerce payments and ID platform.

It stores your personal and payment data securely in the blockchain, so you never have to share it with anyone – not even Nuggets.

That means no more data breaches – because companies don’t have to store your data. So you can make payments and use services without worrying about your privacy or security.

  • No more passwords: Login with your biometrics – no more usernames and passwords. And we don’t use your logins to track you, like some other sign-in tools.
  • Pay with peace of mind: Use biometrics to pay with your usual card, without sharing or storing the payment details.
  • Verify it’s you: No more security questions – Nuggets verifies your ID with a tap. (And protects you from identity theft.)
  • You’re in control: No more handing your personal information to countless companies. Even we can’t get at it.
  • Ultimate online security: Blockchain technology means no one can get at your details. But you can still use them to login, pay and verify your ID.
  • Trust network: Whether you’re consumer or retailer, Nuggets guarantees that both sides of any transaction are real and trusted. No more ID or credit card fraud. No more passwords. No more servers full of sensitive customer data.

The future is safer and simpler with Nuggets. Find out more, and get involved in our Alpha, at Nuggets

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