Upcoming ICO: Introducing Safeguard, the accident prevention AI platform

Safeguard, an innovative accident prevention ecosystem and supporting token (SGT) that utilises AI (artificial intelligence) to help prevent accidents and make life safer will on Thursday (June 7) launch its ICO (initial token sale) pre-sale.

Upcoming ICO: Introducing Safeguard, the accident prevention AI platform

ICO details

Total token supply: 113,400,000 SGT

Pre-sale target: €750,000 in NEO

Total SGT to be sold: 75,297,600 SGT (66.4%)

Crowdsale target: €9,250,000 in NEO

20% bonus for presale participants

Token allocation

Safeguard token allocation

What is SGT?

The Safeguard Token (SGT) is a NEP-5-based token with various functionalities, and is a key component of the Safeguard ecosystem.

The token model is built in such a way that it facilitates the establishment of a micro-economy.

This means that as the number of users within the ecosystem grows, the prediction capability grows too.

The overall usability of the Safeguard app and platform will thereby strengthen continuously. Crucially, as the system grows in functionality due to its increasingly-optimised prediction capability, members are further incentivized to contribute to the Protocol and make use of SGT.

The Safeguard Protocol’s decentralised nature implies that there is no single party who has control over the platform in its entirety.

Rather, due to it being open source, anyone can contribute to the entire ecosystem; enabling to add value to the existing platform by developing their own Oracles.

The community will then review the Oracle, and if it passes validation, the creators of the Oracle will be rewarded in SGT whenever the Oracle gets a request.

Incentivization is therefore a fundamental part of the ecosystem’s model, fostering a strong community of developers that will benefit when contributing to the Safeguard Protocol source code.

What Safeguard says

Safeguard is an established startup operating at the forefront of safety-tech and safety innovation.

With a strong team and a working, tested product that has been redefining occupational safety management in Europe since 2015, Safeguard now sets out to achieve its biggest milestone yet.

Developing accident prediction and prevention software that can make any work space significantly safer.

Safeguard’s current App & Dashboard crisis communication platform provides a measurable solution to this problem, enabling small and large organizations such a KPN, BAM and the Amsterdam Arena to manage their safety practices at an operational level, whilst also providing them with accumulated safety data.

This safety data is generated for the sake of streamlining safety management processes, enabling cost- and time-saving over the long term.

By predicting and preventing accidents before they can occur, Safeguard ensures that people are able to safely return home after a day’s work.

For more info on Safeguard, please refer to the whitepaper

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