Upcoming ICO: SAAT hopes token sale will harvest returns

June 14th will see the launch of an Initial Coin Offering set to ‘revolutionize’ the agricultural industry in West Africa and beyond.

Upcoming ICO: SAAT hopes token sale will harvest returns

The SAAT coin will be available at a token price of $0.61 and out of the total supply of 75,000,000 there will be 25,000,000 tokens available in the sale.

Profiting from SAAT

There are a number of different ways interested parties can profit from the upcoming platform. Firstly, a Harvest reward allows holders of the coin to earn proceeds from ‘harvest sales’ which will occur three times a year. Secondly, using SAAT as a means of payment to order farm based products and tech services. Also, the SAATLAND Exchange is a cryptocurrency platform where traders can operate with a zero trading fee.

What is the SAAT coin project?

The background behind the project can be found in their whitepaper which highlights the high demand for the crops farmed in West Africa, like tea, coffee and cotton but the fact that farmers in less developed countries face numerous challenges and do not have access to credit, with around 40 % of produce lost before it gets used.

Blockchain tech at the core

As a solution, SAAT's ‘the coin that grows’ and the blockchain technology behind it will be at the core of the project, providing high tech solutions for agribusinesses as well as the creation of new jobs. The plan for the project is to start in West Africa and expand throughout the continent to address the lack of ‘appropriate agricultural inputs in Africa’ and to maximise the potential of crop production for worldwide consumption. The SAAT whitepaper states: “Through creating a real produce based blockchain option at low price and issuing SAAT COIN, which entails entering the cryptocurrency market and continuous distribution of agric farm produce harvest in Ether on SAATLAND Exchange Platform.” 


Investment of funds

As a result of successful ICO fund raising, innovative agri-technology will be implemented in the region and the SAAT coin will be used in exchange for agri products. Specifically, solutions like sensors, robotics and big data will be utilized to increase efficiency in farms, producing better returns for consumption locally and worldwide. Processing facilities will also form part of the project, preparing goods for export and funds are also planned for produce storage facilities. 

Token sale details

Starting in seven days’ time, the ICO token price is 1 ETH for 1300 SAAT. To participate you will need to go to the saatland.io website. Accepted payments include BTC, LTC, ETH and DASH.




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