Upcoming ICO: Clarity prepares for token sale

An upcoming ICO that plans to raise $50 million worth of tokens, is set to turn small businesses around with its new blockchain platform. The sale, which is scheduled to go live next month, will be carried out as a phased approach with early investment rewarded.

Upcoming ICO: Clarity prepares for token sale

What is Clarity? 

The platform is for small to medium sized businesses who want to manage their own data and make use of third-party verification services, file sharing and analytics. The technology will also keep financial, HR and insurance information, for example, staff contracts and health and safety reports related to the company. When users upload documents, the blockchain will be used for data verification and key reactions can be tracked, providing insights to business owners to help them make key decisions and develop. AI software will also be used to help businesses measure their growth, alongside the provision of funding and investments which will also be offered. The company’s website points to eight different objectives, including, to be powerful; valuable; timely; five stars; easy to use; affordable; responsive and a time saver. 

Power to the small business 

Clarity, which is led by Aynslet Damery, says: “We want to give every small business owner around the world clarity so they can create a better business for themselves, a better life for their family and team, and ultimately contribute towards creating a better world.” Damery said: “Small businesses power the global economy, but so many fail to reach their full potential because they don’t have clarity.”

CLRTY tokens

In the draft whitepaper published by Clarity, it is highlighted that the platform is only accessible through Clarity tokens which will encourage engagement and create a sense of ‘connection responsibility and ‘ownership’ within the Clarity community.’

ICO details

The token sale will begin next month and last until the end of November. CLRTY tokens will be used on the platform. The Clarity team will be presenting the Clarity concept in a number of different global locations in a promotional tour ahead of the sale. the ICO will accept ethereum and there will be a total of 240,00,000 tokens created with 220,000,000 tokens used in the sale. 



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