Upcoming ICO: TraXion to launch Hyperledger-based ‘Bank-in-a-Wallet’ solution via ICO

TraXion is gearing up to launch the public round of its ICO (initial coin offering) on June 15 (Friday), following a successful private token sale during which the fintech startup managed to raise an impressive $2,630,440.73.

Upcoming ICO: TraXion to launch Hyperledger-based ‘Bank-in-a-Wallet’ solution via ICO

ICO details

TraXion ICO 1

TraXion ICO 2

About TraXion

TraXion is a peer-to-peer financial technology platform based on Hyperledger fabric blockchain.

It allows instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer of ownership, processed and validated by delegated servers making it secure, fast and more superior over other existing systems.

The vision of TraXion is focused on building an ecosystem where businesses will be very friendly for the common good.

Imagine a world where for profit businesses meets non-profit organizations into one whole crypto-economy mutually benefitting borderless and frictionless financial transactions.

  • Website: https://traxion.tech/
  • Headquarters: Pasig City, Metro Manila
  • Company type: Privately Held
  • Company size: 11-50 employees
  • Specialties: Hyperledger Fabric, Blockchain, Common Good, Payments, Remittances, Donations, ICO, Data & Analytics, Peer-to-Peer, Borderless Financial Transactions, and Speed, Security, and Transparency

Meet some of the TraXion team...

TraXion meet the team

What TraXion says

TraXion focuses on building infrastructure for everyday users. A blockchain- driven environment changes how people do business by enforcing data integrity, accountability, transparency, and trust.

Using the latest Hyperledger Fabric technology, they provide seamless integration and connectivity among networks, businesses and people.

Their solution is a blockchain platform ready for business which means it's scalable, immutable, permissioned, and has all the necessities to execute smart contracts, business provenance and data visibility.

TraXion ICO products

For more info on the TraXion project, please refer to the whitepaper

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