Upcoming ICO: Origin plans sharing marketplace token sale

An ICO that seeks to raise $6.6 million will begin its token sale on June 28th.

Upcoming ICO: Origin plans sharing marketplace token sale

The Ethereum-based platform for sharing economy marketplaces, Origin Protocol, is backed by CoinList, a platform designed to manage token sales for ‘high quality’ projects.

Origin’s plan is to create a marketplace for sharing applications like Uber and AirBNB. According to a recent article in CoinDesk, Josh Fraser, Origin co-founder, says Origin will help build marketplaces for decentralized applications.

Building popularity

He highlighted there were lots of ‘scammy projects out there’ and that it’s good to differentiate from this. He said: “We’re really excited for a chance to work with CoinList and to be able to be the recipient of a very anticipated sale. If you look at our Telegram, you see people asking every single day to be a part.”

Harnessing Ethereum

The origin website says the platform will ‘harness the power of the Ethereum blockchain’ and that listings will be facilitated through a transparent system that acts as a third party and that transaction fees, which currently go to companies like Uber and Fiverr, will be shared between buyers and sellers on the platform. 

Simple protocol 

The technology will feature the use of smart contracts for secure payments, identify verification through blockchain, shared data to encourage innovation and protocol schemas to support different listing types. It says its protocol makes it simple to manage listings and that buyers and sellers can find each other, browse listing, provide feedback and reviews and make bookings.

Off the starting blocks

Origin has already received some investment in its project from venture capital firm, Foundation Capital and $3 million has previously been raised in an advisor round in 2017. The mainnet launch of Origin is planned for Q3 2018.

Pre-sale details have not yet been released, interested investors are advised to revisit their website and complete a form for further announcements.



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