Upcoming ICO: Anything App prepares to launch ICO

Anything App will on June 30 launch an ICO (initial coin offering) in support of its knowledge-sharing search engine which helps connect people who have questions with people who have answers because, in its own words, ‘sometimes it’s much easier to just talk to a person’.

Upcoming ICO: Anything App prepares to launch ICO

ICO details

Anything App ICO

About Anything App

The Anything App is a search engine for people; the 21st century iteration of the yellow pages. Search for any topic, like you would with a traditional search engine, or browse the categories.

It lets you find people who are knowledgeable about what you need and connect with them straight away.

You'll be able to look together at your problems through video chat, or you can use a normal chat or call through the App to ask your questions.

The person helping you sets their own rate per minute, which can also be '0'​. Compensate them with your AnyCoin or FIAT.

You will save an incredible amount of time and often money; custom advice, straight away.

  • Website: https://anythingapp.com
  • Headquarters: Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland
  • Year founded: 2018
  • Company type: Privately Held
  • Company size: 2-10 employees

What Anything App says

Anything App is an platform which enables people to make money, by helping others over the phone.

Everyone can state what they are knowledgeable about and set their schedule of availability and price per minute. Compensation in AnyCoin or FIAT.

Buyers have access to search engine which effectively connects them to the right person currently online: video-call, call & chat.

Marketing mumbo jumbo:

The internet doesn't have eyes yet.

It cannot help you with most things in daily life.

This is where Anything App comes in; connecting humans with each other.

Suddenly, your phone can help you solve your problems with empathy and a clear vision of what's going on.

The mission is to make everyone a seller.

We'll be connecting the world's minds in a single platform, making sure that we will be able to get assistance with Anything, immediately.

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