Upcoming ICO: Introducing RigoBlock, the decentralized asset management protocol

RigoBlock will soon launch an ICO (initial coin offering) in support of its innovative new blockchain-based, decentralized asset management protocol and accompanying cryptocurrency (GRG).

Upcoming ICO: Introducing RigoBlock, the decentralized asset management protocol

The meritocracy-fuelled protocol uses a clever Proof-of-Performance (PoP) algorithm to help connect investors with the appropriate asset managers by aligning their interests to improve efficiency and cut costs.

RigoBlock is yet to announce a fixed date for the upcoming token sale which will begin with a pre-sale but, rest assured, the team says it won’t be long now so act now to avoid disappointment.

RigoBlock is one of TokenMarket’s hot picks for this month and the popular ICO site is working directly with the team to assist in the launch of its ICO.

About RigoBlock

RigoBlock is a platform for creating and running decentralized pools of digital tokens. Blockchain is a secure and efficient way of transferring value.

Tokens are the digital form of value...

  • Our bank: the protocol
  • Our money: tokens

The world's value is becoming tokenized, pools of tokens allow for organizing the world's value.

RigoBlock exists to reinvent the asset management industry making it accessible to everyone, enabling full transparency and empowering rigorous meritocracy.

It aims to create a new generation of traders and a new level of asset management system. Simple, transparent, meritocratic and democratic.

  • Website: https://rigoblock.com
  • Headquarters: Lugano, Ticino
  • Year founded: 2016
  • Company type: Privately Held
  • Company size: 2-10 employees
  • Specialties: blockchain, finance, tokens, and technology

What RigoBlock says

RigoBlock is a blockchain protocol for decentralized asset management.

A complete solution to develop applications for asset management (i.e. for the fund management industry).

The RigoBlock protocol offers new types of incentives for managers and investors by aligning their interests through the Proof-of-Performance algorithm, by eliminating management fees and performance fees from the funds.

Meet the team

RigoBlock team

For more info on the RigoBlock project, please refer to the whitepaper

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