Upcoming ICO: Will sparks fly in smart software token sale?

A token sale from the creators of a new smart software platform, Sparkster, is just days away from being launched.

Upcoming ICO: Will sparks fly in smart software token sale?

Due to begin on June 30th the funding target for the ICO is $30,000,000 USD.

What does Sparkster do?

The technology behind the token sale allows those with no knowledge of writing code to build their own software and use Sparkster’s decentralized cloud platform, built on blockchain and able to support 10 million + TPS (transactions per second).

Bringing blockchain mainstream

The concept is to remove the complexity of blockchain technology and bring its advantages mainstream and simplify it to make it more accessible. Users can bring their ideas to life without having a full understanding of blockchain or coding.

Crypto projects

Users can create cryptocurrency projects and gain their own unique account and licence, after which, he/she can test applications which are all designed to address ‘real world’ business issues. Features include drag and drop capability and blocks of logic to describe what users want their interfaces to do. The third feature is building powerful applications from the interfaces and information attached to them within the platform, or, integrate them outside the platform with API, Smart contracts and AI, for example.


Sparkster claims to stand out from the crowd thanks to the level of simplicity it provides for a universal audience. It also maintains that app development on the platform is low cost. It says its use of plain English code makes processes faster compared to others and the decentralized cloud transaction rate that processes operations faster, making its technology unique.

In a video interview on the Sparkster website, CEO, Sajjad Daya is asked the question, how is it possible to build software without any code? He answers that by removing the need for software develolpers to explain ‘how’ something works, and by defining 'what' you want to do, software development becomes more accessible. He says: “You can use blocks of logic that are, in plain English, pieced together and describe what they want to do without worrying about how they are going to do it.”

ICO details

SPRK tokens are ERC20 compliant and can be acquired with ETH, USD, BTC, XRP and XLM. The total number of tokens is 435,000,000 with 67% available for token sale. 1 SPARK = 0.15 USD. Tokens will be issued between July 14th – 15th.


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