The fully automated crypto arbitrage trading solution

Arbitao, the new automated crypto trading app that allows experienced and beginners profit from cryptocurrencies without the risk of huge price fluctuations

The fully automated crypto arbitrage trading solution

Thanks to Arbitao automated crypto trading app, both experienced and beginner investors that want to earn profit from cryptocurrencies without solely relying on the choppy price fluctuations of Bitcoin and Ethereum, can now do exactly that.

The app that acts as a fully automated arbitrage trading solution for cryptocurrencies is offering both institutional and individual investors a way to precise profit from volatile crypto markets, a way that is more user-friendly and carries much less risk. Arbitao offers price differences between different exchange rates. This provides a feasible substitute to straight purchases.

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The Arbitao vision

Arbitao’s long-term goal is to make trading more inclusive, transparent and, more beneficial to investors; the trading app aims to completely decentralize arbitrage trading.

“Our goal was to deliver a working product before the ICO started, which we succeeded in. Now we’re confident that our software will help demystify arbitrage, enhance crypto liquidity, and kickstart renewed interest in blockchain technology.”

Benefits of Arbitao app

  • Ready to use – The product already exists, it’s not still in development stages it is complete.
  • Blockchain coin – Arbitao haven’t just created a token, instead they have created their own blockchain coin.
  • Tried and tested technology – After being online since 2017, Arbitao has already been tested by a group of crypto enthusiasts and traders with positive results.
  • Invest as little as $100
  • The exclusive technology used, has the ability to make an automated and profitable trade for all of its community members using four different trading pools.
  • Make a profit in 4 simple steps

Member’s rewards

As well as the obvious reward of profit from the investment, Arbitao’s community members are able to earn more coins as rewards for completing tasks:

  • Users can install the ATAO wallet and earn rewards for staking coins as well as certifying other transactions on the blockchain.
  • Earn rewards for participating in bounties by doing tasks such as promoting on social media or creating Arbitao content.
  • Join Arbitao’s affiliate program, members can earn 18% more from referrals.

ICO and Token sale info

Arbitao’s token name is ATAO with a token value of 0.10 USD equal to 1 ATAO, There are 800, 000, 000 coins available with 85% available to the public and an additional 2% reserved for bounties.

The pre-sale begins on July 1st, 2018 and the ICO begins 22nd July 2018. They have a soft cap of 20 million USD and a hard cap of 48 million USD.

Arbitao Info

Find out more about Arbitao

If you are interested in participating or want to find out more, there is more information on their website.

Arbitao is active on Facebook, Twitter Linkedin.

They also have a Telegram channel and group.

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