ASKfm 2.0 – Discussion on the blockchain

ASKfm is a new decentralised Q&A social network that rewards users for creating high quality content. The internal cryptocurrency is the ASK token

ASKfm 2.0 – Discussion on the blockchain

This decentralized and incentivized Q&A social network lets its users ask and answer questions, giving rewards for top-notch content via ASKfm’s internal cryptocurrency; ASK token.

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ASKfm is already a successful online discussion platform that has impressively got 215M registered users, with 600M questions rolling in every month. They are active in 168 countries already with top markets being EU, LATAM, CIS, and Asia they have already gained a large following; but now the platform is ready to take the project to the next level.

“It’s time to break out of the cocoon. It’s time to expand our horizons”.

Using blockchain technology ASKfm 2.0 will be built. The exclusive user-generated content Q&A social network will provide an incentive for participants via their ASK token, connecting people with users that will likely be able to help solve their problems big or small.

The discussion platform allows people to communicate with ease. As well as users improving their general knowledge by asking and answering questions, it provides an opportunity for self-development and improving your social skills; all while earning crypto rewards.

They also have plans to bring an educational aspect to the platform to complement user experience. They would do this by offering knowledge increasing activities such as tutoring and online courses.

Askfm Platform

ASK token

ASKfm 2.0b has created the ASK token (ASKT). The cryptocurrency that is native of the platform is a utility token that enables access to the platform’ internal economy, it offers users unit value exchange within the platform.

There is a total supply of 2, 000, 000, 000 tokens, with 50% available for sale. 25,000,000 is allocated to the private sale that started May 2018 and ends June 2018. The token price is 0,00015BTC and the platform accepts ETH, BTC, LTC, and Fiat. ASKfm’s pre-sale and main sale dates are to be announced at some point in 2018.

Why is ASKfm ICO unique?

  • ASKfm is a sustainable company with an 8-year history on the market and a highly experienced team from day one.
  • They are using blockchain as a value transfer allowing users to cash-out their knowledge.
  • They are bringing one of the largest mass introductions to the crypto market with a massive 215 Million user database.


Already a popular company, ASKfm gains a lot of traction from mainstream media. With the crypto market currently getting a lot of credibility from big companies getting involved, like these 5 major companies. A platform like ASKfm, which is just as big as networks such as Telegram and KIK getting involved with cryptocurrencies; could play a big part in moving forward with the use of crypto in the digital age.

Find out more

Check out their one-pager or three-pager, the whitepaper will be available on the ASKfm website soon. You can also have a read on their blog.

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