Upcoming ICO: Blockchain ecosystem takes to the ‘stayge’

A new ICO that puts both artists and fans on centre stage with its new platform will launch its ICO in August.

Upcoming ICO: Blockchain ecosystem takes to the ‘stayge’

Tokenizing the fandom

Created as an answer to the current entertainment business model which does not allow artists to use the data from fans, the ‘Stayge One’ ecosystem tokenizes the ‘fandom’ where the influence of fans’ actions are recorded through the use of blockchain.

Fans are rewarded with cryptocurrency and use it to purchase music, buy concert tickets or exclusive content. Artists also benefit from an additional revenue stream by exchanging the tokens they have earned. In addition, the platform seeks to address the 'fragmentation’ of the services fans use and the difficulty of stable funding in the industry. 


The platform will have two different currencies operating within it. There will be the STG (Stayge token) - the base currency that links communities together throughout the platform and will be available on exchanges. Additionally, there is the ACT token, which rewards according to the level of contribution, fans’ activities and fandom size. ACT holders can also gain the right to speak within the fan community and purchase artists’ albums and other goods.  Both tokens can be exchanged between consenting parties on the Stayge One platform. 

ICO details

The ICO will continue until September 15th with a soft cap of 2,500,000 ICX and a 12,500,000 hard cap. One ICX = 400 STG. ICX and ETH can be used to purchase tokens.  

The presale event is already underway with 1,500,000,000 STG available. The Stayge team plans to initially focus on musicians and then expand into other creative genres, including sports, actors and influencers. Stayge One is not the furst entertain,ent focused blockchain platform but will it prove to be unique?  


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