Upcoming ICO: ORCA - closing the gap on crypto and fiat?

A new token sale based on bridging the gap between crypto and traditional finance sectors is in the pipeline.

Upcoming ICO: ORCA -  closing the gap on crypto and fiat?

ORCA Alliance is the platform where users can manage both their fiat and crypto currencies in real-time, one place. It will service growing numbers of crypto investors and the enormous amount of data that is linked to it using APIs (Application programming interfaces) and blockchain. Artificial Intelligence is also used in the form an AI assistant who provides tailored tips and advice on the best fund management strategies for different users.

The team at ORCA says its technology 'bridges banking and crypto services, providing the most comprehensive and easy-to-use financial management tool.'


Sale date - TBA

At the moment, there are a few unknowns about this ICO, with no date set for the token sale and no periods set for KYC or their whitelist. What we do know is that the token prices is 1 ORCA for 0.0600 USD – and the token type is ERC777. The total supply of tokens is 460,000,000 with 60% available in the token sale and with a fundraising target of 14,000,000 USD.

The ORCA token

The platform is based on ORCA tokens which are used to pay for APPS, exclusive deals and services. For every transaction that is made on the platform, it needs to be validated by an ORCA token. The tokens are designed to facilitate interactions between different users, providers and developers on the platform. By using the token, users can expand the functions of the platform and modify their dashboards.

CEO and co-founder, Natan Avidan recently said in Coinspeaker: “At the core, ORCA is a consumer application, and we are well aware that mass adoption can be reached only through practical use cases and convenience benefits. Instant crypto withdrawals are just a stepping stone towards our goal albeit an essential one.”  

Will Orca’s token sale be top of the ICO food chain? Go to their website to register your interest or join the whitelist.  




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