Upcoming ICO: Wemark ICO lures in early investors

In a bid to decentralize digital content, a blockchain based marketplace for stock photography has announced its token sale will begin on July 24th.

Upcoming ICO: Wemark ICO lures in early investors

Offered before the sale are rewards for early contributions with the chance to gain up to 30% bonus for deposits made before July 16th, up to 25% for a deposit between July 16th and 23rd and up to 12% bonus for deposits placed between July 24th and August 7th.

The ‘no middleman revolution’  

Wemark says that the realm of digital marketing content is one of the most centralized markets there is and that artists and creators are not able to fully capitalize on their work as they are paying extremely high fees to agencies who are also gaining rights to their work. As a solution, the Wemark platform of curated stock photography eliminates the marketing agencies in creative work transactions with the use of smart contracts and a dedicated token on its blockchain platform.   

Stock photography

The platform will begin with stock photography as it is viewed by the Wemark team as one of the most centralized and vertical in the digital content industry, with some companies taking up to an 85% slice of the revenue from images.

Founded in 2015 by Tai Kaish, Pavel Elkind and Roy Meirom, Wemark has already gained $1m from different venture capitalists.

Kaish said: “More and more creators are starting to realize their power and looking to reclaim the control and revenue over their content. However, for most creators, it’s almost impossible to distribute content directly to customers. Wemark’s blockchain-based marketplace allows creators to benefit most of the advantages of distributing their content directly, while still provides customers with a single platform to access all the content in the network.”

ICO details

The total supply of tokens is 135,000,000. 1 WMK is equal to 0.20 USD. The soft cap is 3,250 ETH and hard cap is 16,750 ETH. A whitelist is available to join but the period has not yet been set. The sale will continue until August 7th.



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