Upcoming ICO Will it be field-to-fork-to-finance for eHarvesthub?

A blockchain platform that wants to eliminate grocery system middleman has launched its pre-sale.

Upcoming ICO Will it be field-to-fork-to-finance for eHarvesthub?

eHarvesthub’s pre-ICO began on July 11th and will end on July 25th. Early rewards for investors include bonus payments of 20% until day seven and 15% up until day 14 of the pre-sale launch.

Improving food safety standards and accessibility

eHarvesthub aims to link consumers with healthy and affordable food through its new blockchain based technology. Direct contact will be facilitated between farmers and supermarkets and prices ultinately lowered for end-consumers. The tech will introduce more transparent pricing and smart contracts will be used for payments to farmers and truckers.

Cutting out food fraud

Another main objective is to improve levels of food fraud by allowing third party access, so that data recording systems are no longer prone to fragmentation and errors. At present, eHarvesthub says not every part of the food supply chain data can be traced and production volume can be increased, food waste and contamination decreased with the elimination of the ‘middleman’.

The EHH token

EHH tokens will be circulated throughout the platform in a number of different ways. Contributors will be able to directly sell their tokens to eHarvesthub customers who are then able to pay for services on the platform and create demand for tokens. Additionally, third parties can use EHH tokens to access the market for members.

Alvaro Ramirex, CEO of eHarvesthub is reported as saying that the immediate goal is to help both truckers and farmers all over the world to improve profits and make food more affordable and accessible for consumers. He said: “We can achieve this through the eHarvesthub marketplace powered by Blockchain protocols and smart contracts that remove the multiple layers of middlemen and the need for human involvement in food safety verification.”

ICO details 

For more information on the pre-sale, visit the eHarvesthub website, www.ehhico.com where you can join the pre-ico registered members group and join the telegram group. The main ICO will begin on July 27th and end on August 26th. The team is expecting to sell around 30 million EHH tokens.



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