Upcoming ICO: Foam launches location verification crowdsale

Foam, an independent location service provider, has announced it’s ready to launch its ICO with a start date of July 31st.

Upcoming ICO: Foam launches location verification crowdsale

Blockchain’s answer to GPS?

The technology on the platform offers a trustless, decentralized location system that does not depend on Google maps or GPS services.  It uses a permissionless protocol along with a network of ‘beacons’, ultimately providing users on the platform with safe location services. A small beacon capable of sending signals up to 10 km in radius and able to run up to five years will be used and Crypto Spatial Coordinate Standard is also a feature Foam uses to prevent the manipulation of information once details have been entered.

Community driven

The platform is very much community oriented and Foam wants the users within it to build the community and the tokens within it from the ground up. Tokens purchased are initially locked up and it is for these reasons that many are tipping this ICO as a more long-term investment and not for those scouting for short-term gains.

ICO details

Foam has previously postponed its ICO but this time round it appears to be ready and is looking to achieve a hard cap of $24 million.

There is a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens with 30% (300 million) being supplied in the sale. 1 FOAM token is equal to 0.0800 USD and the token type is ERC20. The white list opened on Monday and will close on July 28th. Token sale registration is now open.

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