Upcoming ICO: Countdown starts for Bitminer’s ICO

The time is now for Bitminer Factory as the Italian-based start-up readies for its ICO launch.

Upcoming ICO: Countdown starts for Bitminer’s ICO

Following a successful presale which has run throughout July and raised around $1 million, Bitminer’s main sale will begin on July 21st, offering investors a 12% discount for a limited period.


Well-known for its excessive energy costs, crypto mining is the target of Bitminer’s technology which it plans to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It says that the amount of energy used for mining has increased dramatically and the trajectory will continue.

Their technology provides an opportunity for investors to be involved in the Bitminer tech’s process that intends to ignite a big move away from the use of fossil fuels to more eco-friendly alternatives.

Buy-back plan

The tokens 'represent a mining contract that allows anyone to benefit from the production of {our} mining and renewable energy plants’, according to founder, Gabriele Angeli. 

He says they are confident in their success and as a result, are offering a buy back plan for their tokens every three months, allowing token holders to sell at an even greater price. The overall aim is that investors and traders will benefit from the continual demand for power for crypto mining activities. 

Co-founder, Gabriele Stampa said: “We decided to go the next step and allow everyone to participate in our project by purchasing tokens. We want to make the blockchain more sustainable by using renewable energy to mine cryptocurrencies and share the benefits with our token holders.”

ICO details

The ICO will will run until August 15th. There are two tiers available for discount: the first is offering 12% until August 20th and the second tier is offering 6% until September 9th.

There are 100 million tokens for sale with a soft cap of $0.5 million and a hard cap of $100 million. For more information on this ICO visit their website or join their Telegram channel.



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