Upcoming ICO: AI based security platform Cloudbric ready for launch

Artificial Intelligence-based security platform, Cloudbric, will begin its pre-sale on August 16th.

Upcoming ICO: AI based security platform Cloudbric ready for launch

Lasting until August 22nd the pre-sale will be followed by the main crowdsale, beginning on September 6thand completing on the 12th.

Greater transparency

Already established as a security company, Cloudbric says it will bring greater transparency and security solutions to the table with its decentralized technology. It says it wants to ‘revolutionize’ cybersecurity by allowing greater access to security information by all users on its platform with the use of a module called VISION. Cloudbric will also facilitate the development of a new ecosystem with is CLB tokens.


Users of Cloudbric will supply their data and gain rewards (CLB tokens) as a result. This means they are contributing to the security solutions they will ultimately use. The CLB token can be used in exchange for access to all the different security services offered by Cloudbric, including exclusive offers from the platform’s partnership network, Secure Web Alliance. The proviso is that users must have a minimum balance of tokens to gain access. 

Sale details

The CLB token is based on ERC 20 and 1 ETH is equal to 12,500 CLB tokens.  The public sale cap is 10,000 ETH and there is a pre-sale bonus of 10% available with a three month lock. The minimum participation amount is 5 ETH.

The total token amount created by Cloudbric will be 1,000,000,000 CLB. 44% will be allocated to sales events and 25% will go towards the Cloudbric security rewards program and internal operational costs. 16% will go to the team and advisors and 10% is for an investment reserve. The remaining 5% will be allocated to marketing to promote the token.

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