ICO News: Crypto-friendly ProtonMail may be planning ICO

ProtonMail, the encrypted email provider, may be launching an ICO (initial coin offering) sometime in the future, a recent job posting from the firm suggests.

ICO News: Crypto-friendly ProtonMail may be planning ICO

The Swiss-based firm, that launched in 2014, has long been a supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

It has accepted cryptos as payment for premium email services and VPNs on its platform for some time.

Now, it seems likely that the messaging company will launch its own native currency, via an ICO.

ProtonMail token?

Here’s an exert from the job posting:

“Looking forward, we have some exciting blockchain-related ventures underway. You will join our team to lead these projects, which will ultimately make the blockchain easy to use and empower millions of people around the world.”

Although, an ICO or token sale is not specifically mentioned in the job posting, the preferred qualifications section suggests that a new token may be one of ProtonMail’s ‘exciting blockchain-related ventures’.

The desired candidate should, according to the post, have expertise in ‘developing secure Ethereum smart contracts’.

The vast majority of ICOs launch tokens that sit on Ethereum’s network – often, they utilise the ERC20 protocol.

To top it off, ProtonMail says that the preferred candidate will have ‘participated in a successful ICO’.

Although it isn’t clear when the job posting first appeared, it’s been doing the rounds on social media over the weekend and certainly has the crypto-sphere speculating about the possibility of a ProtonMail token in months to come.

Some users aren’t happy

Some weren’t best pleased by the prospect of a ProtonMail ICO.

In the above tweet, a ProtonMail user by the name of WhalePanda (Twitter handle) said he’d cancel his subscription with ProtonMail if they launched an ICO.

ProtonMail added full support for bitcoin payments in 2017, though it had informally supported them for several years prior.

In 2014, the company relied on bitcoin for a crowdfunding campaign after PayPal froze an account holding funds raised through Indiegogo.

"Unsubstantiated rumours"

A ProtonMail spokesperson responded to CCN’s request for comment, stating:

“The reports about the ICO online are unsubstantiated rumors at this time, and no official ICO announcement has been made.

“We are of course looking at ways to leverage blockchain to improve email security, but it is a big jump to go from that to saying we are planning an ICO.

“If we were to do something like this, there would certainly be an official announcement and not just rumors.”

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