Upcoming ICO: New trading platform RevenYOU prepares for ICO

A new artificial intelligence blockchain app that offers access to trading algorithms will launch its initial coin offering in 11 days’ time.

Upcoming ICO: New trading platform RevenYOU prepares for ICO

Trading support accessible to all

The app, designed by RevenYOU, aims to give users access to trading advice and technologies at the touch of a button. Its overall goal is to improve fundamentally how people trade, by making tools and support accessible to everyone, not just trading experts. It will offer more benefits to smaller traders who will be able to access more ’democratic’ trading - its motto is: ‘created by ALL people, for ALL people.'


Using AI and trading strategies, access will be limited and the revenue produced on the platform will be shared out amongst users.

Investors will also have access to trading algorithms, a means used by many existing and established traders. These algorithms will be available to all users on the site and not a select few, giving a fair chance to everyone. Algorithms and users will be matched according to a user’s desired return on investment, the popularity of the algorithms and their profile on the platform.


Gamers, developers and traders will all be users of RevenYOU, creating a networking opportunity and a place to collaborate and create new algorithms, based on their combined skills.

The Youtoken

The YOU token will be used to access the services and there is an in-app wallet available for token storage. Rewards will be offered to those who keep them in stored in their wallet.

It can be traded on exchanges and as an incentive, there will be free tokens for new investors. 1 YOUtoken will be equal to 0,0002 ETH and the sale has a hard cap of 25,000,000 EUROs with a soft cap of 10,000,000 EUROs. Accepted currencies are: ETH, BTC, EUR and ETC. The launch date of the ICO is August 8th.

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