Upcoming ICO: Neluns’ first round pre-sale approaches

A new financial platform will start the first phase of its token sale in a few days’ time.

Upcoming ICO: Neluns’ first round pre-sale approaches

Neluns is a new ecosystem that allows for trading with both cryptocurrency and fiat money, with an overall aim of helping the cryptocurrency market grow. It comprises of a bank, insurance services and a crypto exchange.

Its combination of services allows users to make payments, purchase and withdraw funds from ATMs. Neluns says it wants to make its financial services easy for all users and accessible from all corners of the globe.

ICO rounds

The ICO will be conducted in three separate rounds including pre-sale, pre-ICO and main ICO, although nitial investments into Neluns began in June with the Manhatten Blockchain Fund investing $1.5 million.

Pre-sale bonuses

The pre-sale will begin on August 1st and will last for 14 days with a 30% bonus available to token holders. In addition, there is the chance of a 40% extra-bonus if investors put in more than 1 ETH in one transaction and 50% bonus is available if more than 10 ETH investments are made.

Pre-ICO phase

The pre-ICO round follows the pre-sale and this starts August 15th, lasting 21 days. Bonuses available include 20% standard and an extra bonus of up to 35% is also on offer. The hard cap is $10,000,000.

The main ICO

The main Initial Coin Offering will begin on September 5th and will continue for 31 days. 200,000,000 tokens will be released and further bonuses will be available during this time. 1 NLS token is equal to 1 USD in the main sale.

Neluns tokens are security tokens available as ERC-20 standard. They provide 50% dividends (dependent on the Neluns ecosystem) which are handed out on a quarterly basis. The more tokens a holder has, the greater the rewards.




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