Upcoming ICO: Hiway capitalizes on gig economy rise

It seems as if more blockchain projects are embracing the global gig economy as freelance platform Hiway counts down until its initial coin offering begins.

Upcoming ICO: Hiway capitalizes on gig economy rise

Its pre-sale will start on August 15th and will last until August 21st .But what is new about Hiway’s solution?  

As well as blockchain technology, Hiway’s platform brings together Artificial Intelligence and Big Data providing a hub to be used by those looking for work and those with work to be done.

Gig economy on the rise

Hiway highlights that 40% of US businesses are expected to grow with the use of freelancers in the next five years. Coupled with this, Hiway says there is more of a 'desire to build a diverse work experience’ for freelancers and employers should be able to choose to hire skill as and when they need it.

A new approach to employment

Along with the growth in self-employment, Hiway has identified a need for a change in existing employment services, which it says are out-of-date, not inclined to embrace technology and are too many in numbers. It says the sector is ready for a ‘new approach’.

It says the market is dominated by employment companies who are centralized in structure, as well as being inefficient, costly and lacking in scalability. They are also bereft of transparency, says Hiyway.

Through blockchain, users will develop trust without a third party being involved in the process. Fees will also be lower with no borders or boundaries and with its technology, there will be no room for discrimination with its platform open and accessible by anyone. 

ICO details

The pre-sale ICO will start on August 15th and will end on August 21st. The main ICO will start on September 17th and will last until December 1st. The token platform is Ethereum and the price for wach WAY token is 0.14 USD.


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