Upcoming ICO: Zwoop uses crypto to transform online shopping

A new ICO bringing blockchain and AI together to revolutionize online shopping will begin on September 28th

Upcoming ICO: Zwoop uses crypto to transform online shopping

The pre-sale will start on August 28th lasting until the start of the main crowd sale.

The ‘one stop shop’ approach

Zwoop is a platform where users can buy products with cryptocurrencies, as well as traditional payment types. The team behind the ICO want to make all retailers accessible and offer the best price for their products, as well as giving consumers information on the availability of their chosen products.

Payments can be made using debit cards, credit cards or the ZWP token (the platform’s native token). Major cryptocurrencies are also accepted, however this feature of the platform is set to launch later on in the year.

The overall aim is to make things easier for consumers who do not have to keep switching between sites to purchase different kinds of products. Instead, they can get everything they need for the right price, in one place. The platform also says having one portal will limit the amount of data consumers are revealing online.

The AI technology uses an algorithm capable of finding multiple products related to one search, even though the search term used may not exactly match.

Transforming online shopping

Based on ERC20 the ZWP token can be used inside or outside of the platform. Miners can gain ZWP tokens, and other users use it for Zwoop services on the platform.

Alessandro Gadotti is the CEO of Zwoop. He said in a press release from June: “Our ambition is to transform how the world shops online, using AI and blockchain to remove the frustrations and inefficiencies of e-commerce and put the customer in control of the buying process. Our partnership with Dropp enables us to create the ultimate, seamless shoppable media experience.” 

Zwoop wants to raise $20 million in the sale. Visit the website to find out more: https://www.zwoop.io/



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