Upcoming ICO: Blockkonnect - bridging the gaps in blockchain

A new blockchain project that has identified a ‘communication gap’ in blockchain and crypto will launch an Initial Coin Offering on August 20th.

Upcoming ICO:  Blockkonnect - bridging the gaps in blockchain

The sale, which ends on October 17th is offering investors a bonus of 40% and decreasing bonuses are available throughout the separate ICO phases. 

Bridging blockchain and crypto knowledge

The purpose of the project is to end the disparity between those with lots of knowledge about how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work, and those with little knowledge but a willingness to learn and invest.

At the moment, information and discussions on blockchain and crypto are dispersed throughout the internet, with those seeking information having to use a number of sources. Using the concept of social networking, Blockkonnect will unite the two parties, putting all information in one place.

Social network concept

Users who post comments will be rewarded with tokens which can be purchased from the platform’s exchange, using advertising revenue. Creating good content is key for users of the site, who are able to increase their following.

On its website Blockkonnect says: “We provide you a Social Platform to make online discussion platform easy, seamless and rewarding to both business owners and users. It gives an opportunity to Blockchain and cryptocurrency lovers to connect and discuss with each other and answer each other’s questions.”

Further information on crypto and blockchain can be gained on the Blockkonnect platform through the Tech News portal where updates are posted on what is happening in the industry – this can be shared through users’ profiles.

And in addition, users can make global money transfers with a high level of security and anonymity available through the blockchain framework. 

To join the Telegram visit. www.blockkonnect.com



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