Upcoming ICO: Mira makes things easy for new crypto buyers

A web service and plugin for cryptocurrency wallets that makes buying, storing and sending crypto currencies will launch an Initial coin Offering on September 1st.

Upcoming ICO: Mira makes things easy for new crypto buyers

Mira’s sale, which lasts until September 30th, is expected to raise around $20,000,000.

Its platform exists outside the blockchain in the form of a mobile or desktop APP and makes accessing cryptocurrencies easier for potential investors, inexperienced in blockchain technology. Mira says that crypto technologies are ‘unavailable’ for most and that it requires a special effort to gain knowledge in blockchain.


A key part of the offering for investors is the MiraBox which is a unique file for cryptocurrencies – it can be emailed, stored in the cloud, kept on a USB drive or sent via Telegram. When buying a cryptocurrency, the Mira App is opened or viewed on the Mira website. Users pay for the currency and download the encrypted file with the wallet address and private key. A password is then produced for the user. Uploading it to Mira allows users to see what is inside, using their password or fulfilling the terms of a Smart Contract.

Mira says, as well as offering investors access to crypto outside of the complexity of blockchain, the key features of its technology include secure token storage on a PC, flash drive or cloud, the anonymity brought with the encrypted file and that through Smart Contracts any conditions or criteria, such as time restrictions, can be set.

ICO details

1 MIRA is equal to $1. Token distribution is split into 78% for investors; 15% team and advisors; 6 % reserve fund and 1 % bounty. Bonuses are available in the main ICO, see the website for more information.

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