Upcoming ICO: LendChain – countdown to finance platform’s crowdsale begins

A crowdsale from crypto finance firm, LendChain will start on August 28th.

Upcoming ICO: LendChain – countdown to finance platform’s crowdsale begins

What is LendChain?

LendChain is a financial services platform for cryptocurrencies, providing a number of different financial services for digital asset holders, including wealth management, insurance, investment and financing. The platform offers credit and collateral financing services for a range of cryptocurrencies, including, BTC, ETH, EOS, GXS and QKC. Investment-wise, there is both an investment and a research team providing products such as fixed rate and floating income investment. 


In June, LendChain received donations of tens of millions of yuan from companies believed to be part of the financing team, including PreAngel, GXChain and Bitepai. GXChain is working alongside LendChain with is Blockcity project, providing 1.6 million verified residents diverting traffic to LendChain and facilitating more vertical users to help LendChain become more accessible.

Defining itself as ‘digital asset bank’

In an interview published on Medium, Oscar Sum CEO and co-founder of LendChain and former CMO of GXChain, said to Jinse.com that the ‘capital needs of cryptocurrency holders fall into two broad categories: ‘financing and investment’.  Offering a definition of LendChain, he said: “I think we are more like a digital asset bank than a digital asset financial platform.”

ICO details

The crowdsale for LendChain will end on August 30th with total tokens amounting to 1,000,000,000 and an initial token price of $0.0245. Accepted currencies are ETH and QKC. For more information see the LendChain website: https://www.lendchain.io/indexEn.html#/

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