Upcoming ICO: OceanEx moves closer to second round ICO

A cryptocurrency asset management and exchange platform is due to launch the second round of its ICO in September.

Upcoming ICO: OceanEx moves closer to second round ICO

The platform, powered by BitOcean Global is built on VeChainThor blockchain and uses Artificial Intelligence for its investment trading tools. Along with AI it seeks to use token liquidity to develop its platform. It also plans to use VeChain Ecosystem as a ‘medium for trading tokens with VET pairing’. The tech used on the platform is designed to protect users from bad investments and possible attacks.

Bridging the gap

Hacked.com reported a quote from the company: “As the VeChainThor Ecosystem grows, we see ourselves contributing our expertise and devotion and playing a significant role in VeChainThor Ecosystem. OceanEx’s trading service and related offering will provide a bridge between the crypto world and the physical world for the VeChainThor Ecosystem. This platform is a necessity, not only for VeChain’s adoption, but the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency in general.”

OceanEx components

A component known as OceanBrain will facilitate the AI which continually analyzes user trading behavior, encompassing additional information so that relevant recommendations are proposed. OceanQuant and OceanMarket also serve as quantitative trading and social trading tools, respectively. 

Token sale

Throughout the different rounds of OceanEx’s sale, there will be a total of 10 billion tokens distributed, the two phases include the private round and the VeChain community round. The first phase has already sold out and the second round (the VeChain Foundation round) will start in September, although the specific date has not yet been released. Token price for the ICO is: 1 OCE = 0.014 USD. The fundraising goal is 11,300,00 USD and the tokens available in the sale are 30%. The whitelist is mandatory if you want to participate, visit the website to join: https://www.bitocean.org/



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