ICO News: DX.Exchange reveals contestants for ICO pitch

DX.Exchange has revealed the contestants that will be competing during its upcoming ICO pitch which is scheduled to take place at the London Summit 2018.

ICO News: DX.Exchange reveals contestants for ICO pitch

The pitch will take place at the Summit’s crypto trading floor; it will feature 12 projects, and each will be competing for a free listing on the exchange upon launch, which is worth $250,000.

Each finalist will be given 10 minutes to showcase their wares and win the judges’ and the audiences over. Judges include prominent people in the blockchain world such as ICORating’s Head of Partnerships Mikhail Mironov.

The winner will be declared in the DX.Exchange area at the crypto trading floor. It will then be added to DX.Exchange, which hosts more than 500,000 users, with a free listing.

So, let's examine the contestants...

The Elephant

This project wants to be the first tokenized secondary market platform. The platform will seek to offer liquidity to equity rights in shares of major private companies using equity-backed dedicated tokens. These tokens will help to unlock the value of the share for these companies.


It offers small businesses decentralized invoice factoring. It eliminates the barriers to obtain finance, which neutralizes the risk of fraud.


This is a blockchain-powered, transparent, and trusted ad marketplace. It is designed to maximize effectiveness and empower the community.


This project operates as a decentralized platform that promotes liquidity, transparency, and adoption of stablecoins.


This tokenized fund is powered by smart contracts. It focuses on disruptive and profitable crypto-base projects. The project offers companies a globally compliant STO and ICO and various token services. It will also cover all costs up to $1.5 million.

YAIR GMBH (Your Art Is Reality)

The project wants to create a curated digital art collection that can be accessed via an app. This app will allow users to own and trade tokens.


This blockchain powered protocol and technology stack enables users to create and host high-speed and decentralized DApps.


This open network lets consumers of mobility services to own their data and benefit from it.


This project will help users earn profits by turning their computing power to the highest paying use. The project helps to identify the most profitable altcoins users should mine.


This quiz delivery system allows users to win real cash for being part of various trivia games.

Chamapesa / Solidus Ltd., Bermuda

This is an open network for social saving communities. The communities can be found globally in places such as Kenya where they are called Chamas.


This hospitality-booking platform rewards users using the TRIP token.

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