Upcoming ICO: DESICO sets new standards for ICOs

An initial coin offering from DESICO designed to address some of the biggest challenges facing the ICO industry will begin on November 7th.

Upcoming ICO:  DESICO sets new standards for ICOs

Legitimizing ICOs

Lithuania-based DESICO says its decentralized platform will be the first of its kind to issue, buy and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law. It will set new standards for security tokens to make it the optimum crowd funding option and to help ICOs become more recognized as an authentic form of raising funds.

What’s the problem?

DESICO highlights a number of issues affecting the ICO sphere, including the lack of legal structure, the inequality between early adopters and retail investors.

How does it work?

In terms of verification, as well as KYC and AML, an ICO team that wants to issue security tokens on the DESICO platform, will have to meet with the DESICO TEAM in person. Tokens are then issued and can be purchased using the DESI token or Ethereum. DESI token holders will gain exclusive investment rights, for example, early bird investment opportunities.

Token Exchange

As the ICO number increases on DESICO, each one will compete for a DESI token. The platform will feature an exchange for all listed security tokens, providing immediate liquidity to ICOs and higher value of tokens for investors. The DESICO whitepaper states that it will filter projects for illegal practices and not the details of each project. There will be a community on the platform which will be incentivized with rewards for investors in exchange for ranking projects.

ICO details

The DESICO token distribution will see 51% attributed to the crowd sale, 3% for bounty, with the rest divided between founders, reserve, advisors, financial supporters and the team.  The sale is expected to raise a soft cap of 3,500,000 USD and there is a hard cap of 32,000,000 USD. The currency accepted is ETH.


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