Upcoming ICO: Sound Legends to launch ICO

Miami-based Sound Legends will, on December 15, launch the public round of its ICO (initial coin offering), during which it hopes to raise as much as $10 million to further fund its blockchain-based 'global music platform'.

Upcoming ICO: Sound Legends to launch ICO

ICO details

Sound Legends ICO

What is Sound Legends?

Sound Legends Inc., is a company that has invested considerable resources to successfully launch a global music platform with presence in all 195 countries worldwide.

The Company provides a comprehensive suite of tools, services and products designed to allow independent artists around the world to be heard and to develop, exploit and protect their music assets.

The Sound Legends’ corporate mission is to return the power to independent musicians and grant them full control of their revenues, royalties, and statistics through an amazing variety of music industry products and services.

What Sound Legends says

Sound Legends is a global music company with a presence in all 195 countries around the world.

The Company provides unequalled services for independent musicians who want to distribute, protect and publish their music but lack the tools and resources to accomplish their goals. 

Our platform features innovative, integrated and automated proprietary technology capable of marketing, distributing, and capitalizing on the content created by independent musicians on a global scale.

The Sound Legends platform provides fully automated interaction between independent artists and their audience, cutting out middleman agencies with unreasonably high commissions that provide zero control to the musician.

Sound Legends mission is laser focused on providing an invaluable suite of services for over 80 million hardworking, independent artists from across the globe, dreaming of becoming a legend.

For more info on the Sound Legends project, please refer to the whitepaper

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