Upcoming ICO: Stoby puts students at the centre of new job platform

A new ICO from Stoby will sell students' free time on its decentralized blockchain platform.

Upcoming ICO: Stoby puts students at the centre of new job platform

The token sale, which begins on December 1st will allow busy people to have access to students’ free time and the Stoby team claims it is the first job platform of its kind. 

The STB token

On the Ethereum based ecosystem, participating students will be paid in STB tokens which they will be able to spend on campus. The interaction between students on the Stoby platform and people looking for jobs is a way in which knowledge of the platform will filter into bigger markets. Stoby says it will have a real ‘social impact on its members’ life’. One of the outcomes of the platform is that students will be able to enjoy more income and therefore, consume more, creating ultimately, a higher standard of living. Also benefiting are people in receipt of services who will be able to experience more free time.

Stoby whitepaper

In its whitepaper, Stoby says that is has a 5/10 year vision which includes establishing partnerships with schools and student residences, for example. This will advance the acceptance of the token. Stoby says: “ The STB token has to be integrated into the student’s life, and be exchangeable between students. The mission of the company is to give all its support for an optimal deployment of the token in student environments.” It aims for students to become ambassadors of Stoby, making it easier to implement the token.

ICO details

25,000,000 tokens will be distributed in the sale, 22,000,000 are available for direct sale. When the soft cap of 2,4M STB is reached, the tokens will be released, if the soft cap is not reached then a refund will be issued. Tokens not purchased by the end of the main ICO will be burnt. Stoby's private sale is live now. For further information visit the Stoby website.





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