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    Google intends to ban all cryptocurrency-related advertising on its platform in June of this year. The upcoming ban includes ICOs (initial coin offerings), cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, along with cryptocurrency trading advice.The company provided no explanation for the drastic change in policy and millions will be affected by the move. read » 2 days ago
  • ICO rips off BNM for logo

    The Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) officially stated it doesn’t endorse crypto platform Coinzer and its unlicensed logo design on March 11. According to BNM’s press release, Coinzer has no affiliation with the bank and to suggest otherwise is to mislead investors and steal credibility from a trusted financial institution. It also described ICOs and cryptos in general as risky read » 3 days ago
  • South Korea may lighten ban

    South Korea's ban on ICOs may be conditionally lifted shortly, reports suggest. South Korea’s Financial Services Commission banned token sales in September of last year. However, an article in the Korea Times suggests the country may reconsider and allow token sales so long as they meet not-yet-specified conditions. read » 4 days ago
  • Exit scammer make off with $2m

    Giza is the latest tech ‘startup’ to pull a fast one on investors who contributed almost two and a half million dollars worth of Ether (Ethereum’s native currency) during a recent ICO (initial coin offering). A fraudulent ICO was launched to crowdfund for a tech startup called Giza. Giza’s supposed mission was to develop a cryptocurrency wallet. read » 4 days ago
  • Upcoming ICO: Decentralized sport-talent platform, Globatalent says ‘show me the money’

    A blockchain platform that aims to turn budding athletes’ dreams into reality by cutting out the middleman has revealed its launching an initial coin offering. read » 1 week ago
  • Messari raises seed funding

    Messari, the startup aiming to create the crypto-equivalent of Crunchbase or the SEC's EDGAR system, has raised a new seed funding round. A bunch of industry firms invested during the first round. read » 2 weeks ago
  • Steven Seagal ICO 'under siege'

    Bitcoiin2gen, the Steven Seagal-backed ICO, was yesterday issued with a cease and desist order by the state of New Jersey. The New Jersey Bureau of Securities alleges that Bitcoiin (note the double ‘i’s) is selling unregistered securities to New Jersey residents. The ICO made headlines thanks to the vague information on its official website, along with the strange name and, of course, the Seagal’s endorsement. read » 2 weeks ago
  • ODB Son to launch Wu-Tang coin

    The son of deceased legendary MC Ol’ Dirty Bastard (ODB) of the Wu-Tang Clan hip-hop collective has announced plans to launch something called ‘Dirty Coin’ (ODB), Yahoo reports. Bar-son Jones, AKA ‘Young Dirty’ (YDB), who also dabbles in rap, said he wants to capitalise on crypto-mania and ‘come into the party’. read » 2 weeks ago

    Auctus, a company that wants to, in its own words, 'put the retirement saver back in control', will launch its ICO on March 27. The token sale will commence until March 31 and the fundraising goal is $2 million USD. Auctus this week announced its admittance into the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). It also joined the Mutichain Asset Managers Association (MAMA) in January. read » 2 weeks ago
  • Decentralized social media platform ‘Tipper’ marks the next step in the social media evolution with its blockchain-based technology

    Tipper wants to revolutionise social media and how it interacts with influencers and advertisers read » 2 weeks ago
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