Apple Stock Price Gains Ahead of iPhone X Release

Apple stock price up ahead of product launch.

Apple Stock Price Gains Ahead of iPhone X Release

Technology innovator Apple, is poised to unveil its latest iPhone design Tuesday. Tipped to be called the iPhone X, the company is hoping to impress investors enough to encourage a solid and sustainable rise in the Apple stock price.

Apple’s 2016 iPhone 7 release was considered disastrous for the tech company, as it was largely rejected by consumers due to its close similarities with the iPhone 6. That disappointment adds pressure on the company to deliver and uphold its title as a tech innovator, with its latest design.

The iPhone X is being dubbed a high-end phone, hopefully not only because of its £760 ($1,000) price-tag. Facial recognition will feature as an unlock process, while an edge-to-edge, higher definition screen is also expected.

The launch will take place at Apple’s new Steve Jobs Theatre in the ‘Spaceship’, or, Apple Park campus. Apple will also unveil a number of other products to help entice holiday shoppers in the coming months – and boost its share price.

Two additional phones, likely to be called the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, are expected to update – and improve - the current iPhone 7 versions. New versions of Apple TV and the Apple watch are also likely to meet their public Tuesday.

Further details on Apple’s voice activated home speaker ‘Homepod’, a rival to Amazon’s Echo, will be announced at the ‘Spaceship’, too. All of which the company likely hopes will boost Apple shares today, tomorrow and going forward.

A boost in sales from consumers who are keen to get hold of the latest Apple product is good for the company’s bottom line. But, there are potential downsides too.

One is that a new, high-end iPhone could extend the current upgrade cycle. A more expensive phone with all the latest tech that’s available, might encourage Apple fans to keep hold of it for longer than usual.

And that’s bad for business.

Right now though, the Apple stock price today is on the up, which is good news for stock holders and the company, too.

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